Author: Gwendolyn Grass

Photo by Cristian Dina on
We seem to live in a digital era seeking acceptance through social media and may lack real relationships with those around us. 
Confidence is gained through likes and comments from our followers or shall I say friends we may never meet in the real world. 
The ones we may idolize do not necessarily contribute to much to our society except look for praise and attention and not necessarily add value to our lives 
Some feel the need to post pictures of where they are on vacation or what new gadget they purchased only to arise jealousy in their followers 
And why is it we are obsessed with others when we should focus on ourselves and less on others? This is an answer I can’t seem to fathom yet wish I knew
Fake news is also published which can lead to being biased and we may fail to think for ourselves  
There is no denying that some of us are lonely souls and need to make connections with real people
Don’t get me wrong though there are people who are inspirational online influencers that do add value to our lives that even I look up to (prodometley artist, inspirational speakers, and few youtube stars that give exceptional advice)
There is a time and place where it is ok to use these devices but at times we should put them down and focus on what truly matters in life

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