Author: Gwendolyn Grass

Photo by JACK REDGATE on Pexels.com
Days pass by and your sinking into an abyss of darkness  
Time moves slowly and the leaves change from an emerald green to a hazel brown
It gets darker outside only leaving you gray on the inside
Friends are nonexistent at the moment and you no longer speak to them
You reach out yet they don’t care about you
They moved on and cut you out of their lives
You realize you no longer need them and your better off without them
Relationships have never worked out in the past
People have come and gone leaving you lonely 
You then start to wonder if you will be alone forever and if you are meant to be alone   
Loneliness creeps up behind you and you sit on the edge of the bed 
Nothing but emptiness is all you feel 
You start to wonder if life will always be this way or if it will change
You don’t know if it will but time will tell 

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