A Little Lost a Little Lonely a Little of Everything

Author: Gwendolyn Grass

Content warning: Some language in this poem may cause triggers for those who have depression. The author created her piece in hopes to show others they are not alone.

Artist: Gwendolyn Grass
Upside down and feel as though you don’t belong?
Feeling alone and life doesn’t make sense?  
Do you need to escape and find yourself again?
In a dark depressive state of mind feel empty? 
Feeling hopeless and unwanted? 
Crying in the bathroom and you just want to be comforted? 
 Are you sad but don’t even know why?
Make mistakes and can’t forgive yourself?
Friends leave you behind and they never come back? 
Thoughts and feelings are trapped inside your head? 
Don’t care to even take care of you nor go anywhere?
Things you enjoyed doing no longer seemed to be an important priority in your life?

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