I Quit Writing.

Author: Luis Quezada

I have nothing interesting to write about. Nothing yet. You might relate to me. With all of the resources we have to do what we want, we become spoiled and write nothing. Or you maybe you don’t have a lot of resources (computer, books, TV, etc), but still have no idea what to write. 

I have nothing to write about, and you probably don’t as well. And it’s not just about writing though, it’s about everything I want to create. I want to make an artwork, a song, a short video for fun, post something on social media, anything. I want to be successful in those areas. But nothing comes up, and you might have the same problem as well. Facing mental blocks everyday, not seeming to go anywhere. That’s normal. 

I have nothing to create right now. I don’t have the creative mentality to express my ideas, tastes, and thoughts. I try and try to get something good, like a story or a poem, but nothing comes out. But that doesn’t mean I stop doing it entirely, or should I say – give up. I can wait and wait, do some homework, study, listen to music or any hobby to do, to gain some ideas, but not give up. I have given up before, and I just ended up wasting a lot of time in my life doing nothing or looking up on YouTube, while stuffing some emotions of my failures with crap food and drinks. It doesn’t matter if the failures you’ve had are big or small, those are failures – period! That’s not what anyone wants, and, if you’re that right now, stop and listen.

I have not written a finished article since I came to this writing club, and I have a creative mind, and so do you, but nothing comes out. And like writing, I have no digital or physical content to create. I want to have many YouTube channels, have thousands of followers, and follow not just users, but some news websites to my interests, and you probably want some as well, and should. You might want to write a daily journal to yourself to record your mood daily, and how I improve yourself, and possibly record those memories on social media and get thousands of followers, or learn an instrument or a language, like Spanish or Korean, any or more of those things you want to do. But if you give up and just watch YouTube pointlessly, throw a ball at the wall, watch TV, having no exercise, or do anything else less productive, that’s not good.

But don’t think that you came to the wrong place, or wanted to try something, and then think that you were expecting too much. I thought that maybe I was not a writer, and I am not cut up for literature like this, but no, we are cut up for this. Stay in that realm. You don’t wanna quit, because  I didn’t. You came to the club for a reason because you had an idea or two. You wanted to write because you wanted to express yourself. You wanted to write to become an influencer or a storyteller, because of your wild imagination. You wanted to write so you can be the next F. Scott Fitzgerald or William Shakespeare. Wait for those ideas to grow to 30 ideas or a hundred. You’ll succeed.

And if any of that didn’t work, let me tell you, you have something to write and create about. It is not a story or a poem, less of a poem, and has nothing of a formal English literature structure, no. It is. Your feelings! You have writing to express all of you, including your feelings. You can consult yourself by talking about why you’re not doing what you want to do, why you’re being unproductive, what you’re feeling right now and how you want to be happy, and the list goes on. Or you can also write the feeling of not knowing what to write about! You can write about things that you want to do, and how to make it there! Write about your problems and figure out your solutions. All of these choices are great ways to start writing and expressing yourself, and not just for your audience but for you as well. But choose one to do and just do it, it’s that simple. You don’t have to be formatted or detailed for any professor! No one is grading you for this! This is your freedom.

So in conclusion, when you can’t seem to get an idea or accomplish a goal, no matter how big or small, because everything matters and every step towards something counts, don’t feel lost or lose hope, write. Write about what’s in your mind, what are your thoughts, why are you bored, what you want to do, what you want to be, and then find out how to accomplish it, step by step. Feeling impatient? Write about that. Feeling angry or desperate? Write about that. Write about what you feel, and do what you want. Can’t think of an idea for your first or next article? Write about that! And publish it just like I did right here. If you can’t express your thoughts and feelings that are troubling you to write something or do what you want, you will be the same as any other day. So start now!

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