Author: Marium Hussain 

You are the light of my life

You’re actually my sun

I revolve around you

Without you, I would come undone

Your drive, your compassion, your warmth

Reels in those around you

Your unapologetic benevolence

Makes you stand out, it’s true 

My life is purposeless without you, abbu*

I live and breathe to make you happy

It kills me how I’m not with you right now

To make you feel all sappy 

I worry everyday about you

Worry if anyone is taking advantage of you 

Of your unfiltered kindness

Worry if you have a clue 

Of how beautiful your soul is

I can write pages upon pages about you

I could sing your praise for eternity

If you give me permission to. 

*Abbu in my language means father. 

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