Author: Briar Rose Toyoshiba

Games are one of the best portals to other worlds.

Portals that can take us anywhere we want to be through pixels and C#.

A simple click can open a portal to a whole new world. 







You explore. You look around at a world that’s both familiar and new.

A breath of fresh air.

The music draws you in.

The ambiance of the world holds their hands out to you asking you to come into the portal. 

You begin to fuse with the television. 

             Your eyes glued to the screen. 

                         Your feelings begin to reflect those of your character.

You become one with your online avatar.

You care about these pixels.

You do your best for them, You learn about their scripted lives and their routines. 

You do your best to save them from any doom that you know is coming. 

You fall in love with the world and the people.

And then you have to leave.

You spend your time thinking about them, your digital friends. Your digital world. 

Your comfortable place.

You can’t wait to go back.

You have to.