A student submission for April’s theme of Gratitude


Author: Briar Rose Toyoshiba

My heart swells and a pink crystal forms in my hands. A faint glow shines from it.

The heart shaped rock makes me smile.

I wrap the stone in a pretty pink parcel. 

I think of my best friend and wrap their crystal. 

I place the wrapped box 

I wrap the crystal in wire as a charm and place one on each of my cats collars.

I place a crystal on the two boxes on the mantle of the fireplace with a heavy heart and a thank you. 

I leave the house to deliver my packages.

I leave them at my friend’s doors, I hand one to the kind man that held the door for me.

I hand one to the kind lady who said I was pretty. 

I hand one to the waitress, the cashier, and the worker that helped me at the store. 

I mail one to the creators of my favorite Movies, Television Shows, Video Games, and music.

I hand them to the activists who speak up for my rights.

I hand them to my favorite creators that kept me afloat.

I give them to teachers who believed in me. 

I end the day in my room, I take a breath and open a box for myself. I have to remind myself,

I’m grateful to myself too, for never giving up.

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