Grateful for Self-Love

A student submission for April’s theme of Gratitude

Author: Summer Lafayette 

To the woman within myself,

I’m grateful to you,

I’m grateful despite the fact you had to arrive far too early.

I’m grateful that when you recognized my lack of self-love, 

You were determined to discover my worth,  

And present it to me like a lost item that’s been found years later. 

When the child in me became fearful and reached for someone else’s hand, 

You stopped her and said, “You don’t have to do this alone anymore,

I’ve formed alongside your pain.”

I’m grateful to you because I realize now that you will always be here. 

I’m grateful for your resilience and tenacity because I know,

no matter what happens, 

nothing will have the power to destroy us. 

For these reasons and the strength that she gives me, 

I am grateful to the woman within myself. 

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