A Member Submission for May’s Theme of Self-Growth

Author: Briar Rose Toyoshiba

I was born from a dying light, yet from my slumber I bloomed. 

The odds were stacked against me, an unlikely hero.

The constant rain kept me from climbing towards my goals.

I would reach and slip. And reach and slip, And reach and slip. 

A normal person may have given up but not I. 

I have courage etched into my heart. 

I would just have to go the long way, a way most begged me not to take. 

Thought muddy swamps, quicksand, and monsters.

Often I would find myself lost in the woods around me praying I would find a way out.

I always did.

The long way was a rough fight but I had managed to fight through to get near the top of the mountain. 

A figure stepped in front of me. Possibly the hardest enemy yet. 

My eyes trail up the figure.

                I am faced with myself. 

Taken aback at first I do not hesitate to begin the fight. 

She blocks my movements perfectly as if she knows me so well she knows my next moves. 

The battle is the longest yet and oh so tiring.

I fear my heart is growing weaker.

 However I cannot allow her to stop me. 

How do you defeat a mirror? 

You start to do the unexpected. 

I pushed myself harder, out of my comfort zone.

The mirror shattered to the ground now nothing more than a shadow. 

I stepped forward, a new person. A more confident one. 

I gaze upon the top of the mountain where the most Beautiful Cherry Blossom tree stood. 

I made my way to it sitting underneath it next to the delphinium flowers.

Finally able to rest from my journey. 

Only for a short while.

There are alway taller mountains to climb.

But for now, I am content with the mountain I am on. 

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