Author: Briar Rose Toyoshiba 

Fairy tales speak of a flower so fair but only the bravest may pick it.

A prince rode braver than I, claiming he did not fear the thicket. 

He rode through town shouting he would be back by high noon,

But none saw him even far after the rise of the moon.

We waited and waited and waited all day, 

But we sighed and exclaimed, “Another has gone Astray.”

Prince after prince, Warrior after Warrior, hero after hero.

The thicket reduced them to zero.

We gave up, we adjusted to never being saved. 

But then a maiden came to town from the sea on her belt, a rose engraved.

She asked for directions to the castle but was laughed at and mocked.

I told her directions, but warned the entrance was blocked. 

I said that only the bravest may make their way through.

She said I’m not braver than any of you.

The crowd formed around her as she gave her speech. 

They giggled and stared “What good is a girl? What can she teach?”

The maiden shook her head and walked towards the thorn bush,

The crowd backed away shouting so loud their words turned to mush.

I watched the maiden weave through with ease,

She didn’t fight against them but instead became one with the trees. 

You could hear the gates of the castle scratch open,

The town went quiet, we waited and waited not one word was spoken.

The ground shook as the thorns went back leaving nothing but flowers.

The whole town cheered shouting joys from the towers. 

The maiden walked out holding the hand of the princess. 

She comes forward in her elegant thin dress.

She announces that we are finally free.

We cheer, we scream, we applaud the maiden of the sea.

The fairy tale is over, the curse is lifted

The Good out shined and the Evil is restricted.

It’s not a story of brawn or glory,

But it’s more than enough for a perfect bedtime story.

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