By Briar Rose Toyoshiba

The snow graced the ground in light pillow-like mounds,

I look around in awe at the wonderland in front of me. 

The trees towered above, yet I was unafraid.

I glided from tree to tree, my nose getting red.

The snow welcomed me as if I was one of their own.

A unique delicate snowflake that landed on a christmas tree branch. 

“Rosie! Come inside” I heard my brother’s voice beckon me to warmth.

Yet I was not yet done absorbing the magic.

I hesitated to answer,

I only hear the wind blowing past my red ears. 

I was not ready to give up being part of the snow just yet. 

It called to me, inviting me to stay out here forever. 

Running my gloved hands over the pines.

I close my eyes, breathing in deeply.

Settling myself back to reality. 

Slowly opening them again I see the house.

Brown logs with a green roof,

covered in the marshmallow fluff of the night befores storm. 

The frost nips at my cheeks,

Phillip waves to me, beckoning me into the home.

I sigh as I leave behind my wonderland of trees.

The lights of the house reflecting off my red coat as I approach,

Signifying the contrasting heat inside of the house, 

To the cold paleness of the world outside. 

I sit by the window, longing to go back out.

Hot chocolate in my freezing hands.

The smell of peppermint floating into my warming nose.

My golden eyes trace the frost growing on the glass.

I smile. There’s only one thing on my mind

I can’t wait to go back to my wonderland tomorrow.

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